How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back When She is Seeing Another Man

Published: 19th February 2009
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It's always a difficult time just after a break-up. What's even harder to deal with is when your ex girlfriend is seeing another guy. This is a really tough and emotionally trying time, however here are some smart tips on how to get your ex girlfriend back when she's seeing another guy.

Most often guys will react to this situation in an odd manner like begging or making actuations of self pity as an effort to get their ex girlfriend back. While these may be stress relieving elements following a break-up; this type of behavior will back fire and drive her even further away. This is especially true if she's dating someone else.

There is only one thing you can do to get her back when she's dating another guy. You want to try and be as calm as possible following the break up for two specific reasons. One reason is, if she sees that you're calm about the break up; she may reluctant to dating other guys, because she thinks you're comfortable with dating other girls. (reverse psychology)

Another benefit of remaining calm is waiting for the right opportunity. Have patients since she's in a rebound relationship, which is destined to end quickly. Then you will have your chance to win her back. Remember have a cool head after a break-up has a great impact on getting your ex girlfriend back when she's dating another guy.

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