How to Get Your Spouse Back

Published: 04th April 2007
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If you want to get your spouse back - you can do it! However, there are no shortcuts. You need to be patient. Yes, it is hard to to be alone, even temporarily, but you'll have to be emotionally strong and independent.

If you want to try to get your spouse back in love with you, you should know that every marriage has its ups and downs and that communication can solve most marriage problems. Try to understand the reason for your relationship troubles and come up with an action plan. But, do not make the same mistakes again.

It is important to tell your spouse how you feel. You can also write him/her a letter with all your feelings and thoughts written down. Tell your partner that he or she is the one person that you can not live without. Be honest and sincere about your feelings. When you do this, back off. By backing off you are giving your partner a chance to miss you and to think about what you offered. Give your spouse the space he or she needs. Don't demand anything from him or her, or insist on anything. Just let it come to you. Remember that many man and women go through the - "Don't know what I've got - until it's gone" syndrome.

If your marriage is in trouble but you are not too close to a divorce, you should consider dating your spouse again. Ask him or her out on a real date - dinner, movies, or something more creative. Write a love letter. Bring the romance back into your relationship and make your partner feel special again. Show your spouse that you are that person that he/she originally fell in love with. Or even better - tell your partner you'll change because you love him or her. When you start dating and romance again - do not stop. Romance and dating doesn't stop after marriage.

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