How to Make up After a Fight - In Easy Steps

Published: 13th March 2009
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You just had a fight with your partner and now you feel miserable. Don't worry it is normal to fight, every healthy relationship would have to go through that experience.

Most commonly immediately after you fight with your partner you would be surrounded by a soup of mixed feelings from anger to sadness and eventually regret. Most probably you partner would go through the same feelings that is why it is very important that after a fight you both take some time away form each other in order to sort all your feelings out. If you start talking to each other immediately after the fight it is very probable you will only end up fighting again.

After you have given yourself and your partner the time to cool down you can make the first move by meeting your partner in person and telling them you are sorry. You can also write an apology on a card or letter. That is very important in case your partner is still angry and is not ready to listen to you. That way after you partner cooled down they can always read your words from the card.

It is possible that your partner might have felt that you didn't care about them like before and that was the reason for starting the fight. In that case you should do something that would show you still love and appreciate your partner. Do something that they like, or cook for them that way your partner will see your effort and appreciate it.

So if you had a fight don't panic, it is most often just a sign that you care about each other.

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