How to Spot Breakup Signs Before it's Too Late

Published: 05th May 2009
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You think you finally found the love of your life and than out of the blue your partner just doesn't seem to be the same anymore. There are always signs to precede a break up that is why it is very important that you know how to spot them in order to save your relationship.

The classic signs of a break up that you should take into consideration:

-Your partner is not calling you as often as they used to. This is a clear sign that your partner is avoiding you and that they are not as interested in meeting you as before.

-Your partner is spending more time with friends than with you. If your partner suddenly prefers the company of his/her friends than yours than you should start worrying. He or she could just be using friends as an excuse not to be with you.

-Your partner seems indifferent and cold. Conversations will become less personal, they will be talking about general stuff and will avoid any discussions about potential future plans that involve the two of you.
Your partner is looking for reasons to fight and always criticizes you. It seems that your partner is not satisfied with what ever you do anymore and always snaps at you. This might be a sign that he doesn't care about your feeling as before.

-Your partner seems more preoccupied about his/her looks than before. That can mean that they are trying to change their looks to please someone else.

Whatever the signs you should be able to spot them before its too late and try to correct whatever the problems in your relationship might be.

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