What to Do if Your Wife Wants out of the Marriage

Published: 18th May 2009
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If you find yourself in a situation where your wife wants out of the marriage but you feel that you still love her deeply, don't despair. Although it can feel very devastating now, there is still hope to save your marriage. The way you react to the situation can either save your marriage and rebuild it, either destroy it forever.

Although your initial reaction would be to plead and try to make her change your mind, you should avoid doing that. Even though it sounds absurd you need to leave any type of discussion aside because she will be expecting you to try to make her think it over, thus she will become even more determined to keep her decision.

The best approach for this would be to act normal, talk about general things, keep the small talk and discuss about things you've always been talking about. This way you ensure that the lines of communication between you two will be opened.

Another thing you need to do is to agree with what ever she says. Since your wife will be expecting that you argue with her, doing exactly the opposite will shock her and she will feel bad about hearing you beat your self up. It will also make her think back about all the good things you did. You need to agree with her if she wants a divorce and you need to agree with her about what ever she says you did wrong.

Eventually divorce will not be the only option anymore and if you work together you will soon realize that love can be stronger than any argument you might have had.

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