What to Say to Win Your Girlfriend Back?

Published: 30th March 2009
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Your girlfriend just left you and you feel miserable. Nothing seems fun anymore and life has become a drag. Cheer up it doesn't mean all hope is lost. Put yourself together because you can still win her back.

Of course you must be wondering what to do and one of the biggest questions running through your mind must be what to say to win her back.

First you need to take a break, don't look for her for at least one month. If you start chasing and suffocating her with phone calls right away, it will only push her away from you. Though it may sound absurd you can use this time apart to your advantage. Think about what went wrong in your relationship, about the mistakes that you might have done to drive her away. Sometimes the most common reason for break ups is because the girlfriend feels under appreciated. Think about it and once you figured everything out give her a call.

Now the real challenge would be what to say to her. First of all do not start talking about your relationship right away, don't start telling her what a big mistake she's done and how she should regret it. Instead use a friendly approach, ask her how she's been and than tell her something that will stimulate the most powerful force in a women's mind: curiosity. Tell her for example how much you appreciate everything that she has done for you and how much you would want to thank her in person. This way you have stimulated her interest towards you and don't be surprised if the next call will come from her. From there on everything should go smoothly if you make your next steps wisely.

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